Software Engineering for Science

Project Description

Scientists and engineers increasingly must develop and use software to conduct their research. In this project, we seek to study how scientists develop software, with the goal of understanding the key problems faced, proposing software engineering solutions to those problems, and empirically evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. My work in this area is comprised of the following activities:
  • Survey/interviewing scientific software developers
  • Directly interacting with scientific software developers to deploy and evaluate software engineering practices on live projects
  • Organzing a workshop series to facilite interaction between scientists and software engineers
  • Editing a track in Computing in Science & Engineering on Software Engineering

Recent Activities

We have recently interacted with teams from two US National Laboratories to deploy and evaluate lightweight software engineering practices for the development of scientific software.
  • At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, we worked with a team to integrate peer-code review into the development process.
  • At Sandia National Laboratories, we worked with a team to use Test-Driven Development on a scientific code project.
The Software Engineering for Science workshop series continues with addional meetings at upcoming conferences. More details on the workshop series, along with a list of upcoming conferences can be found on the workshop website:

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